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Top Tips for Choosing Maternity Photographer

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life, and maternity photoshoots are very popular for capturing the beauty of this journey.

A maternity photoshoot is a unique way to celebrate and remember this time. Picking the right photographer is essential to ensure that you have great photos to keep forever.

In this article, I share my tips for choosing a maternity photographer to help you make the best decision for your pregnancy photography needs.

Why Choose a Professional Maternity Photographer?

Experience and Expertise

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Professional maternity photographers have the experience and expertise to capture the beauty of pregnancy in an artistic and meaningful way. They know how to pose and light their subjects to create stunning images that highlight the beauty of the pregnant form.

Specialized Equipment

Maternity photographers also have specialized equipment, such as maternity gowns and props, to enhance the photo session and create a unique and personalized experience for their clients. They also have high-quality cameras and lenses to capture every detail and emotion of this special time.

Safety and Comfort

Safety and comfort are essential during a maternity shoot, and professional photographers know how to ensure both. They will guide you through poses and help you remain comfortable throughout the shoot, ensuring you and your baby are always safe.

Tips for Choosing a Maternity Photographer

Do Your Research

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The first step in choosing a maternity photographer is to do your research. Look for photographers in your area who specialize in maternity photography and have a portfolio that aligns with your style and vision. You can also ask for recommendations from friends or family who have had a maternity photo session.

Check Their Portfolio

A photographer’s portfolio is a great way to understand their style and expertise. Look for various poses, lighting, and locations in their portfolio to ensure they have the skills to capture your vision. You can also ask for a full gallery of a previous maternity session to understand their work better.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Reading reviews and testimonials from previous clients is an excellent way to understand a photographer’s professionalism, communication skills, and overall experience. You can find reviews on a photographer’s website, social media pages, or third-party review sites.

Schedule a Consultation

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Once you have narrowed your options, schedule a consultation with your top choices. This will allow you to talk with the photographer, discuss your vision, and ask questions. It’s also a great way to understand their personality, and see if you feel comfortable working with them.

Discuss Pricing and Packages

Before deciding, discuss pricing and packages with your chosen photographer. Maternity photography can be an investment, so it’s essential to understand what is included in the package and any additional costs that may arise. This will also allow you to compare prices and packages from different photographers.

Consider Their Availability

When you choose a photographer, make sure they are available. Maternity shoots are typically done between 28-36 weeks of pregnancy, so make sure your chosen photographer is available. It’s also a good idea to book your session in advance to ensure you get the date and time that works best for you. A good time to reach out is the beginning of your second trimester. This give you time to decide on wardrobe and book professional hair and makeup if you’d like.

Ask About Their Process

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Every photographer has a different process, so ask about theirs. This will give you an idea of what to expect during the session and how long it will take to receive your photos. Some photographers will meet with you in person or on Zoom to review your proofs and help you decide (sometimes called a “reveal, “design,” or “ordering” appointment).

Inquire About Retouching and Editing

Retouching and editing are essential aspects of maternity photography, so ask about this during your consultation. Some photographers may include basic retouching in their packages, while others may offer more extensive editing for an additional fee. Understanding what is included and what you can expect from the final photos is essential.

Discuss Location Options

Location plays a significant role in the outcome of your maternity photos, so discuss this with your photographer. Some photographers may have a studio where they do all their sessions, while others may offer outdoor or on-location options (this is how I prefer to work). It is essential to choose a location that aligns with your vision and makes you feel comfortable.

Consider Their Personality

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Lastly, it’s essential to consider the photographer’s personality when deciding. You want to work with someone who makes you feel comfortable and at ease during the shoot. A good photographer will also be able to connect with you and capture your personality and emotions in the photos. Having a maternity session helps you and your partner get to know the photographer and feel at ease during the newborn session. It also helps the photographer to get to know your best angles and be able to capture the nuances of your relationship.

Real-Life Examples of Maternity Photography

To give you an idea of what to expect from a maternity session, here are some real-life examples of maternity photography:

  • Outdoor shoot in a natural setting, such as a park or landmark location, with the mother wearing a flowy dress and flower crown.
  • Studio shoots with a black-and-white theme, using dramatic lighting and poses to highlight the beauty of the pregnant form (this can also be done in-home with window light).
  • A lifestyle session held in the comfort of your home, capturing intimate moments with your family (and pets) that showcases the excitement of your upcoming arrival.
  • To add a personal touch to the photos, I recommend an on-location shoot at a meaningful location, such as where you first met, got engaged, or frequent as a family.


Choosing a maternity photographer is an important decision, and it’s essential to research and consider all the factors before making a final choice. By following these tips, you can ensure that you have a positive and memorable experience and receive beautiful photos that capture the beauty of your pregnancy journey.

If you have any questions, let me know!

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