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Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Feature – in Home Maternity Session

We are always honored to be featured in Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine!  This article highlights one of our favorite maternity sessions of the year.  Every at home maternity session is so unique, for this one we found so many great pockets of light to play with.  We came up with mom wearing dad’s shirt toward the end of the session, not planned but totally spontaneous.  And guess where the best ideas come from?  From you!  The way you interact…the way you look at each other…the stories you tell me as we are shooting.  And the best part about maternity?  I get to look forward to meeting your baby in a few weeks!

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Due Date? 1/19/2016

How did you find out you were expecting? In 2012, I was told I would never be able to conceive children without the assistance of in vitro fertilization. Unusually large fibroids, and two fibroid surgeries, had damaged my uterus and fallopian tubes enough to prevent traditional conception. In June 2015, I had not had a period in about 2 months, and assumed that the newly diagnosed fibroids (3 of them) had begun to interfere with my monthly cycle, as they had in the past. My physician asked me to come in for a pregnancy test, standard procedure, and I found out that I was expecting. We were dumbfounded.

How did you tell the father? He actually noticed that I had not had my period and prompted the initial call to my physician. He immediately thought I was pregnant – that his mighty sperm could work miracles. He was seated in the living room when I received the call from my doctor (you know, the SURPRISE, you’re pregnant). He saw the look on my face, and knew.

Did you find out the gender of your baby? Yes, we had a gender reveal party and were shocked to hear we were having a little girl.

Is there a name picked out yet? Yes, we settled on Reagan.

How has pregnancy changed you as a woman?
Two ways, equally important.
First, after finding out I was unable to conceive, I was distraught. I was 32 at the time, and had not decided on whether I would like to have children, but wanted the option. I certainly didn’t want to spend the time, money, and energy on in vitro. I decided to be okay with not having children and was planning to live a childless life. My partner had resigned himself to the same. I now believe in miracles, and that I am not in control as much as I previously believed. I expect the unexpected and am much more flexible than I was in the past. Does that make sense? Also, I had always been petite, 5’0, no more than 115 lbs. As you can imagine, I was terrified of the weight gain. I began to concentrate on eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, exercising regularly, meditating, and doing gentle yoga routines. I began to understand the importance of nourishing my body and soul, and to truly feel comfortable in my skin, no matter the size. After delivery, I was amused with my “mommy tummy”, and continued to feel confident, nourish myself, and let go of my weight obsession.

What advice do you wish you had known before getting pregnant (even if it’s something gross)? It is of the utmost importance to be good friends with your partner prior to conception; pregnancy tests a relationship. My mood swings were absolutely awful during pregnancy, I said and did things that I regret. Thank goodness my partner and I were good friends and he was able to distinguish me from the hormones. He stuck with me through even the meanest of times.

What is one thing you find beautiful about being pregnant? There is a was a human growing inside of me.

What would you tell someone who just found out they were pregnant? Congratulations! This may be the hardest thing you have ever done, and it is worth it! You are not Wonder Woman- you will feel exhausted, achy, happy, sad, etc. If you work, tell your boss how you feel and take a few hours off on difficult days. Be kind to yourself and your partner. Sleep every moment you have the opportunity.

What are your beauty must-haves while pregnant? Get used to being comfortable without make-up. Start going out in public with only a freshly washed face and ease into a minimalist look. Your self-esteem will thank you after having your baby. Also, pre-natal massages are a must.

Can you share with our mommies where you purchased the items you wore for your maternity session? Soma, the land of soft, comfortable clothing.

Words about your photographer? I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jenn. She was available on short notice, came to our home, made us feel comfortable- instantly- and filled our home with joy. She is passionate about photography and getting the “perfect shot”, and is worth every dollar spent. The maternity and newborn sessions exceeded our expectations. Every time I look at the photographs, I send her a virtual hug. I am so thankful for her.


maternity portrait at home of mom smiling taken by Jenn Brookover Photography in San AntonioSan Antonio mom during her maternity sessions at home by Jenn Brookover Photographymaternity portrait of mom and dad smiling at home in San Antonio Texas by Jenn Brookoverbacklit image of San Antonio couple celebrating their pregnancy with maternity portraits by Jenn Brookovercouple looking at each other celebrating their pregnancy during their maternity session in San Antonio taken by Jenn Brookoversweet couple smiling and snuggling during their maternity session at home in San Antonio by Jenn Brookoverclose up of couple during their maternity session in San Antonio, Texashappy couple looking at each other in a portrait taken during their maternity session by Jenn Brookover Photographylaughing couple during their maternity session in San Antonio by Jenn Brookoversweet mama loving on her belly during her maternity photo shoot at home in San Antoniogorgeous mama in a black dress with turquoise necklace taken during her maternity photo shoot with Jenn BrookoverSan Antonio maternity photo of mom in statement necklace and black dress by Jenn Brookover PhotographySan Antonio mom cuddling her belly in her nursery while waiting for baby to arrive during maternity photo shoot with Jenn Brookoverkissing couple celebrating upcoming birth of baby during maternity session at home in San Antonio pregnant mom dressed in dad's plaid shirt smiling and looking at belly during maternity photo session by Jenn Brookover Photographyclose up of pregnancy belly during maternity photo session in San Antonio, Jenn Brookover Photographygorgeous maternity portrait taken at home in San Antonio, mom in plaid shirt with red pillows by Jenn Brookover Photographymommy looking at belly during maternity session at home in San Antonio by Jenn Brookovercouple cuddling at home in San Antonio during their maternity photo session with Jenn Brookover


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