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        Many clients and other photographers write to ask where the best places to shoot in San Antonio can be found. If I’m not shooting at your home, I like a site that is kept up nicely and has various backgrounds to choose from. In reality, I only need a nice green tree or a rock wall, but for family portraits, it’s fun to move around and have places to sit, stand, run, etc. A centrally located site also helps for clients to be able to find it or for dad to be able to meet us if it’s a weekday.

        1) Landa Library and Gardens  It’s no secret that Landa offers a beautiful setting for pictures! With a garden area, a porch with columns and assorted benches, and short walls to sit on, it’s a popular spot for many photographers. It’s also a great place to take little ones for reading time and to play on the playground. There are many “backgrounds” to choose from, including a bamboo wall, the garden, the building itself, a column/porch area, and “nooks and crannies” to find shade. Backlit shots are also fun to do if the timing is right. Bonus for pets being allowed!

        family on steps at Landa Library taken during portrait session, dressed in red and black

        close up of one year old girl in maroon outfit taken at Landa Library during photo session
        family portrait at Landa Library
        mom and dad laughing with son on the steps of Landa Library
        mom and dad with son on steps of Landa Library
        family laughing and swinging their children dressed in purple and teal at Landa Library
        Swinging at the Landa Library

        2) McNay Art Museum A long-time favorite for bridal portraits, the McNay offers some great spots for family portraits as well. The Museum, which was actually the first museum of modern art in Texas, allows photographers on its grounds for a small fee (and inside for a larger one). There are so many popular spots here it’s hard to list them all! With a large expanse of pathways, fountains, gardens, and ponds, it’s hard to find a place that wouldn’t make for a great image. If you are lucky, the fountains will be on, which adds some fun for the bigger kids. If you are taking a toddler or “runner”, I highly recommend bringing a helper as there are several steps and water attractions that those quick little legs always go running for!

        little girl in pink twirling on the steps of the fountains at the McNay Art Museum
        Twirling at the McNay
        family laughing with daughter in front of the McNay Art Museum
        Darling family laughing in front of the McNay in San Antonio, Texas
        sisters giggling wearing crystal headbands dressed in purple and teal for their family portraits at McNay
        sisters laughing on the steps of the McNay in San Antonio, Texas

        3) Denman Estates Park Hidden in the Medical Center (literally behind a Lowe’s!) is a little gem of a park that might be my new favorite spot! With a pond, tree canopy, and even some ducks, the Denman Estates Park offers some interesting photo opportunities hard to find anywhere else in the city. A long fenced trail surrounded the pond on one side and makes for some fun family images. Pets are welcome here as well.

        boy and two dogs sitting near the fence at Denman Estates Park
        a baby and his best friends at Denman Estates Park
        mom and son smiling and snuggling in the park at Denman Estates
        mom and son snuggling at Denman Estates Park
        boys holding hands and walking down the path at Denman Estates Park during photo session
        boys playing at Denman Estates Park
        family in purple, blue and green smiling for their family portrait at Denman Estates
        family smiling at Denman Estates park

        Are you looking for family pictures?  I offer custom sessions on weekday mornings and outdoor Sunday afternoon sessions at various times throughout the year.  E-mail me for more info or to get on the list for the Sunday sessions.