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Baby Ryder, 19 days| San Antonio Newborn Photographer

newborn_photos_065newborn_photos_066newborn_photos_067newborn_photos_068newborn_photos_069newborn_photos_070newborn_photos_071newborn_photos_072newborn_photos_073newborn_photos_074newborn_photos_075newborn_photos_076newborn_photos_077newborn_photos_078newborn_photos_079This in another favorite from last year.  A gorgeous session that was actually featured in Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy.  The best part about it being featured was reading the submission that dad wrote to go along with the images.  In his words:

Elizabeth and I met at the Can Plant apartments in the Pearl Brewery, where we were next door neighbors.  We lived next to one another for months before I finally asked her out – and have been together since that first date.  When still living there, we went to The Friendly Spot in southtown one Sunday afternoon with some friends when a little puppy walked in alone.  It was in the mid-summer heat, and he had been on the streets for a while (gum in his fur, flea bites)… we took him to the 24 hr vet and had him checked out – no chip or tag, so we kept him.  He’s now about 95lbs, but a big teddy bear.  He’s extremely protective of Ryder, and will regularly sleep next to the crib or chair that Ryder is laying in.
In the photos Ryder was 3 weeks old.  Much of the artwork in the house is mine, as is some of the furniture – my background is Product Design, and I now run RSR Design.  Elizabeth was born in the US, but moved to Mexico when she was 8, finished school there, and had her own law practice.  When she was in her mid-twenties she moved to San Antonio, and attended law school again in the US and became an immigration attorney.  In 2013 she left the firm that she had spent the past three years with to start her own firm – E Reed Law Firm.
This past Christmas we were visiting Elizabeth’s parents in Guadalajara Mexico, and took a day trip to Tlaquepaque – a nearby town with old cobblestone streets with door to door shops.  We stopped into one which was an old hacienda full of handmade items — and the alphabet letters were on the wall, with the ñ — we figured we had to have them so Ryder will be reminded of his Mexican heritage as he grows up!

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