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        mommy and me
        “What should we wear for our family photo session?”  This is probably the number one question that I get!  Today’s family portraits are real and colorful, just like your family.  Some things to think about as you are planning for your session…

        1)  Coordinate your outfits to match your interior or allow the pictures to bring a “pop” of color to your walls.

        2) Choose an “inspiration” outfit.  Start with it then match everyone else to that. Usually this is easiest with girls or mom’s outfit as the “centerpiece”.

        3) Think about where you’ll be taking the pictures…if it’s around your house, try to look there for inspiration.

        4) Use 2-3 colors as your base, then add from there.

        5) Layer textures, color and accessories to pull everyone together (headbands, and jewelry can do the trick)

        6) Lay out everything ahead of time and see if one person stands out too much…rearrange as needed

        7) Think about the natural pairs in your family and think how they will look together.  Mom and baby, sister and brother, etc.

        8) Try everything on everyone a few days before the session, especially baby’s who might have grown.

        Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration.

        Here is one of my favorite sessions from the fall, bright, bold and fun!!

        great use of multiple colors and patterns in outfits for family pictures