A newborn sleeping in a blue knitted hat in a wooden bowl.

10 Creative Newborn Photography Poses for Stunning Baby Portraits

Welcome to my world of newborn photography! I’m Jenn Brookover, and for the past 20 years, I’ve had the joy and privilege of capturing the precious early moments of newborn babies. My passion is creating unique, bespoke art pieces for families to cherish on their walls. I focus on providing a personalized experience for each family, ensuring that every photoshoot reflects their newborn’s unique beauty and innocence. Through this guide, I’m excited to share my insights on “10 creative newborn photography poses” that will help you capture these little miracles’ magical and wondrous essence. Let’s dive into the art of newborn photography together!

Enchanting Swaddle Enclave

A newborn sleeping in a basket on a wooden floor.

The Enchanting Swaddle Enclave is a cozy, charming newborn pose emphasizing comfort and visual appeal. With various wrap styles, colors, and patterns available, such as artificial fur, U-shaped nursing pillows, and wooden buckets, you can create a soothing environment for your sleeping newborn while achieving captivating compositions in your newborn photography.

Choosing the Right Wrap

Mastering the art of selecting the perfect wrap is a skill indispensable for every newborn photographer. Various wraps are available for newborn photography sessions, including knitted outfits, blankets, and swaddles. Safety should be the foremost consideration when choosing the wrap, especially when attempting the first newborn pose.

Creating a tranquil photoshoot environment necessitates utmost comfort for the baby when using wraps in baby photography.

Wrap Techniques for Comfort

A successful photoshoot hinges on the secure and comfortable wrapping of newborns. Here are some tips for wrapping newborns for a photoshoot:

  1. Place the beginning of the wrap under the baby firmly, with the baby’s head exposed, for a cute and cozy look.

  2. When photographing newborns in wraps, capture shots from the top and side angles.

  3. If the baby becomes unsettled, swaddling and feeding them can help.

The Chin-on-Hands pose, with the newborn’s chin resting on the baby’s hands, imparts a feeling of tranquillity and repose. This simple pose ensure the baby’s head is positioned comfortably and the newborn’s face is not creased and carefully placed on their arms. Baby’s fingers should be soft and “unclenched” in this fully wrapped pose.

Incorporating Color and Pattern

Utilizing various colors and patterns in wraps can enhance the overall appearance of your newborn photos. Recommended colors for newborn photography wraps include neutrals and soft shades, such as ivory, creamy, champagne, peach, taupe, mauve, brown, navy and gray. When selecting colors and patterns to complement a baby’s skin tone, opt for off-white cream, gray, and brown sets and choose simpler designs over large, busy patterns. Greens and pinks are also popular choices.

Stretch knit fabric, lightweight cotton, mesh, gauze fabrics, wool, faux fur, cashmere, and alpaca are all suitable for newborn photo shoots.

The Serene Slumber Pose

A baby boy in a green hat is sleeping in a wooden bowl.

The Serene Slumber Pose, also known as the frog pose, is a peaceful and dreamy newborn pose that captures the essence of a sleeping baby. With a focus on gentle props and a dreamy atmosphere, this pose showcases the newborn’s natural beauty and innocence. As I practice baby-led photography, I do a little softer version of the “frog pose” in which baby’s legs are tucked comfortably behind and their head is on top instead of perched on their hands.

Finger placement on this can be crossed under or in more of a prayer position for an alternate natural pose.

Capturing the Dreamy Atmosphere

Soft, diffused lighting can help concoct a dreamy atmosphere in your newborn photography. Place a large light source close to the baby for a soft and natural-looking light, and for simplicity, use just one light.

Some props that can enhance the dreamy atmosphere of your newborn photography include:

  • Soft blanket

  • Tiny hats

  • Themed accessories (family heirlooms, books, or special items)

  • Stretch waffle fabric

  • Dainty accessories

  • Bow swaddle

  • Name sign on wall or small one to put near baby

These props will add a touch of charm and provide a cozy and magical environment for capturing beautiful baby portraits.

Pairing with Gentle Props

Gentle props, such as blankets, stuffed animals, and other soft items, can create a tranquil atmosphere while taking photos. Creating a calming and serene environment that encapsulates the essence of a sleeping newborn can be achieved by choosing minimal and gentle props that won’t overwhelm the baby.

Cradled in Parents’ Arms

A man and woman are holding a baby in their arms.

Cradled in Parents’ Arms is a heartfelt, intimate pose that captures the emotional bond between parents and their newborn. By showcasing the strong connection between the baby and their family, this pose creates a lasting memory that parents will cherish forever. Utilize the nursery or crib as a backdrop.

Mom’s Embrace

The beautiful and emotional aspect of newborn photography captures the bond between a mother and her newborn. Achieve stunning portraits by having the mother hold the baby close, giving them a hug or a kiss, or making them laugh (if older baby). Newborn photographers excel in capturing these precious moments.

Utilize shadows and gentle lighting to emphasize the emotional connection between the mother and her baby, creating a warm and loving atmosphere in the photos. Simple poses can create the most beautiful family photos.

Dad’s Supportive Hold

The Dad’s Supportive Hold pose highlights the supportive relationship between a father and his newborn. Tips for highlighting this bond include having the father hold the baby in their arms or providing support in poses. Using Dad’s arms to hold baby against them, this pose has numerous versions.

This pose can add a heartfelt and loving touch to newborn portraits, emphasizing the strong connection between father and child. Parents love seeing the size difference between dad’s hands and baby’s head.

The Cherub Cheek Rest

A newborn girl sleeping in a green blanket.

Exhibiting the baby’s charming features, including the baby’s face, is the adorable and endearing pose known as the Cherub Cheek Rest. With the proper hand positioning and soft backdrops, this pose can create a captivating portrait of the newborn. This is also a great start to move into side poses.

Hand Positioning for Maximum Cuteness

To achieve the Cherub Cheek Rest pose, proper hand positioning is essential. Place the back hand flat with the other underneath the cheek, with the fingers slightly visible. Additionally, it is beneficial to have the knee and elbow touching for maximum cuteness.

The baby’s safety and comfort should be prioritised during the photo shoot, ensuring that the head is comfortable. Different props can included in this position by having baby “hold” cute stuffies or special keepsakes.

Soft Backdrop Choices

When selecting a Cherub Cheek Rest pose backdrop, consider using soft and textured materials like fluffy blankets or faux fur. Layer different fabrics to provide depth and visual interest, and opt for a neutral backdrop color, such as white or pastel shades, to keep the focus on the baby’s adorable cheeks.

Experiment with different backdrops to find the one that complements the pose and enhances the overall aesthetic of the newborn portraits.

Sibling Snuggle Session

A family kisses their newborn baby.

Capture heartwarming moments between newborns and their older siblings in a Sibling Snuggle Session. These poses showcase the genuine affection and connection between siblings, creating a beautiful memory for the entire family.

Gentle Guidance for Older Siblings

Guiding older siblings during a newborn photoshoot can be a delicate process. Practice poses beforehand, engage the older sibling, and begin with a sibling photo to help them feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the session.

When working with younger siblings, patience and understanding are key, and creating a positive and relaxed environment will result in beautiful and natural photos. Using stickers or small candies, even the most reluctant toddler can be enticed to look and touch baby. Parents should be within arm’s reach for younger siblings. Having newborn in a deep seep can also help.

Capturing Candid Moments

Candid moments between siblings can be just as charming as posed ones. Capture genuine interactions, such as siblings holding hands or playing together, to illustrate their heartfelt bond.

Incorporate toys, favorite books, or other objects to add a playful and whimsical element to the photoshoot.

The Precious Potato Sack

A baby girl wrapped in a red blanket in a basket.

The Precious Potato Sack pose is a soothing and intimate newborn portrait. With a focus on safety, comfort, and textured props, this pose creates a visually appealing and endearing image of the baby.

Safety First – Ensuring Baby’s Comfort

Ensuring the baby’s comfort and safety during the Precious Potato Sack pose is crucial. Use padded props, maintain a warm environment, correctly position the baby, and wrap the baby securely to create a calming and serene atmosphere. We prefer a supported potato sack pose in which baby’s head is resting on the backdrop or prop. A dog bed or bean bag beneath the backdrop can help with baby’s head.

Always prioritize the baby’s safety and comfort during the photoshoot.

Adding Texture with Props

The overall look of the Precious Potato Sack pose can be enhanced by incorporating textured props like blankets and pillows. Use different shades, textures, lengths, and materials to create a visually appealing and cozy environment for the baby.

Basket of Bliss

A newborn sleeping in a green knitted hat in a wooden bucket.

Create a cozy and adorable newborn portrait with the Basket of Bliss poses. This pose showcases the baby’s natural beauty and charm by selecting the perfect basket and incorporating comfortable nesting materials.

Selecting the Perfect Basket

The success of a newborn photoshoot greatly depends on the choice of the right basket. Opt for baskets made from non-toxic materials and ensure they are sufficiently sturdy to hold the baby securely. Vintage wood bowls or fabric vessels that can maintain their shape but are fragile can also be considered for a unique and visually appealing basket pose. Props should be secured with a weight in the bottom and be filled with firm yet soft layers. To select your basket, a good rule thumb is the length of your arm from fist to elbow. Consider baby’s weight and length as babies may need room to stretch out a bit or you may want them more curly. Deep sleep is also helpful for basket or bucket posing.

Nesting Materials

Incorporate nesting materials like soft blankets and pillows to create a comfortable and visually appealing Basket of Bliss pose. Layer different materials to provide depth and visual interest, and opt for soft and soothing hues for a timeless and gender-neutral color palette.

Tiny Toes in Focus

Two young girls kissing each other's feet.

Capture the tiny details of newborns’ toes with creative compositions and a family touch. Focusing on these delicate features can create heartwarming and captivating portraits that showcase the baby’s natural beauty.

Creative Compositions

Visually appealing photos of newborns’ toes can be composed by:

  • Optimally positioning the baby near the frame edge

  • Capturing macro shots of the feet and toes

  • Integrating props or accessories (parent’s wedding or school rings)

  • Including close-ups of the baby’s tiny hands and feet

Experiment with different angles and positions to find the most flattering reflection and create a captivating portrait of the newborn.

Incorporating Family Touch

Include family members’ hands in photos to showcase the bond between baby and family. Position the parents’ hands around the baby to emphasize the size difference and create a heartwarming and loving atmosphere in the photos. Experiment with different angles and compositions to create unique and captivating portraits highlighting the baby’s delicate features and the strong connection between family members.

Reflections of Innocence

Create unique and captivating photos using reflections of innocence with mirror and glass techniques. By incorporating reflective surfaces and creative compositions, you can capture newborns’ natural beauty and innocence innovatively. These are best done in parent’s hands using a window or wall mirror.

Mirror and Glass Techniques

Mirrors and glass can add interesting reflections and depth to your newborn photography compositions. Position the parent with baby near the reflective surface so their face or body is partially or fully reflected, and vary the angles and positions to find the most flattering reflection.

Play around with different compositions and framing to make the most of the reflection, and consider capturing the baby’s reflection alongside their actual image or focusing solely on reflection for a more abstract and artistic approach. Check your image to make sure you or your equipment are not showing in the mirror.

Use of Reflective Surfaces

Safety takes utmost precedence when using reflective surfaces in newborn photography. We recommend not laying baby directly on or in any type of breakable item. By using wall mirrors or windows you can get beautiful images of the new parents.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure the newborn’s safety during the newborn session and future newborn sessions.

The Birthday Suit Baby

Ensuring modesty and warmth, the birthday suit pose is one of the famous newborn poses that captures the natural beauty of a newborn. Focusing on the baby’s delicate features and innocence, this pose can create breathtaking and timeless portraits that showcase the baby’s unique charm. In addition to newborn poses, mastering various photography poses can significantly enhance your portfolio.

Posing for Modesty

Posing newborns modestly in the birthday suit pose is essential for creating tasteful and elegant portraits. Utilize Bum Up/Tushy Up, Side Lying, and Taco Pose/Womb Pose to ensure a modest yet captivating portrait of the newborn. These newborn photography poses will help you achieve the desired outcome. These poses can be easily done with a diaper still on and just tucked up and covered.

Always prioritize the baby’s safety and comfort during the photo shoot. Use sleep techniques such as a pacifier, Baby Shusher, or soft patting to help baby stay calm and happy. To avoid messes, place a puppy pad between layers or use a diaper directly under baby.

Warmth and Comfort

A successful birthday suit photoshoot hinges on the baby’s warmth and comfort. Use padded props, maintain a warm environment, correctly position the baby, and wrap the baby securely to create a calming and serene atmosphere.

Always prioritize the baby’s safety and comfort during the photoshoot. If using a heater or heating pad, be sure that it does not touch baby directly and is only used to warm the layers or area. If you have cold hands, wearing gloves can also help to keep baby warm (cut off the fingers to still have access to camera buttons).


Newborn photography is a timeless and precious art form that captures the fleeting moments of a baby’s early days. With these creative and captivating poses, you can create stunning newborn portraits that showcase the baby’s natural beauty, innocence, and charm. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a new parent eager to create lasting memories, these poses will inspire you to explore the enchanting world of newborn photography.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some clever newborn photography ideas?

Capture meaningful memories of your newborn with props, color schemes, and creative set designs. Incorporate the family, siblings, and pets to complete the photo shoot, then use close-up shots and an artful swaddle for the perfect shot. Finish your session with unique baskets or buckets for that extra special touch. For best results, hire a professional!

How should I pose my baby for newborn pictures?

Position your baby on their back with the help of posing pillows, then lay them on their side with their little hands placed under their face, or have them rest their chin on their hands for a sweet and relaxed look.

What is the taco pose for newborns?

The Taco pose for newborns is where the baby is rolled onto their tummy, keeping legs tucked in but bent at the knees comfortably. One hand is placed by the side of the baby, and the other hand is either holding the foot or placed near the baby’s chest to make it visible for the camera.

How to do the newborn frog pose?

To do the newborn frog pose, have the baby lean forward on their elbows with their chin in their hands, Some photographers will bring their feet forward, we prefer a more natural “feet behind” look. If bringing feet forward, this should be done in a composite with baby’s head constantly supported with spotters hands photoshopped out later (first image of top, second image of bottom portion). More examples of this can be found on YouTube or in a newborn safety course.

What is the best age for a newborn photoshoot?

For the best results, newborn photoshoots should be scheduled around two weeks of age when babies are sleepy and pose more easily. Other considerations are due date, baby’s weight, family/feeding schedule, and medical appointments.

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