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Spring Branch parents, have you been considering capturing your precious family moments with professional photography? Jenn Brookover Photography is based in San Antonio and comes to you, offering custom sessions for newborn, maternity, and family photography in the comfort of your own home. Jenn shows tremendous care and patience, combining her creativity with a personal approach to deliver heartfelt, cherished memories for your family. Savor these fleeting moments with beautiful professional images taken at your convenience in Spring Branch. Make your family heirlooms with Jenn Brookover Photography. Secure your family’s memories today by scheduling your session.

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Spring Branch Maternity Photographer

Allow your pregnancy journey to be beautifully captured by Jenn Brookover Photography. Based in San Antonio, Jenn Brookover specializes in custom maternity photoshoots, bringing her expertise directly to your home in Spring Branch, Comal County. She focuses on delivering stunning photographs that capture the unique emotions and milestones during this special period of your life. Consider Jenn Brookover Photography to freeze your precious moments in time, creating captivating images that will become your treasures for a lifetime.

Spring Branch Newborn Photographer

Juniper - Day 12

Introducing Jenn Brookover Photography, your expert in newborn photography solutions. Based in San Antonio, she extends her custom photography service to discerning parents in Spring Branch, Comal County eager to capture the early cherished moments of their newborn. Available for home-based sessions, Jenn brings her exquisite passion to deliver a remarkable photoshoot experience, prioritizing your child’s safety and comfort while creating timeless images. Jenn Brookover is more than just a photographer, she captures memories and crafts a visual narrative for your family‚Äôs precious journey. Ready for a memorable newborn photoshoot? Choose Jenn Brookover, you won’t regret it.

Spring Branch Baby Photographer

A baby sitting on the grass in front of a tree.

Capture precious milestones with Jenn Brookover Photography, San Antonio’s premier custom home photography service. Whether you’re in Spring Branch, Comal County, or neighboring areas, Jenn brings the studio to your home ensuring comfort and convenience. From newborns to babies reaching their precious milestones, Jenn captures priceless moments you’ll cherish forever. Transform your baby’s fleeting moments into beautiful, lasting memories. Trust Jenn Brookover, a skilled professional who specializes in baby photography, to deliver stunning images that celebrate your child’s growth in a personalized, intimate setting. Choose Jenn Brookover Photography, bringing life’s most precious moments into the heart of your home.

Spring Branch Family Photographer

A family posing for a photo in a park.

Discover the art of capturing unforgettable family moments with Jenn Brookover Photography. Based in San Antonio, Jenn offers custom in-home photography services to Spring Branch and Comal County residents. Whether it’s a milestone moment or a simple family gathering, each photoshoot is uniquely tailored to represent the authenticity of your family’s bond. Jenn’s expertise, dedication, and personalized approach will ensure your precious memories are captured beautifully and artistically. Trust Jenn Brookover for a photography experience that is as memorable as the photos themselves.


About Jenn Brookover Photography


Jenn Brookover, a seasoned portrait specialist in newborn and maternity photography, domiciles in San Antonio, Texas. Leveraging over two decades of expertise, Jenn has skillfully frozen in time the unique moments of more than 1,500 newborns, directly from the comfort of their homes. Being a mother to four sons gives her a personal perspective on the difficulties families encounter in setting up traditional photo sessions, hence Jenn offers the service of taking the session to her client’s homes. Prior to her photography career, Jenn served as a sales representative and trainer for top Fortune 500 corporations, bolstering her professional acumen. On a grander scale, she’s an award-winning, published Master Photographer, illustrating her passion and commitment to her craft. In her leisure time, Jenn spectates her sons’ sports matches, engages in fitness activities, or unwinds with Netflix comedy series. She extends a variety of services, ranging from pregnancy documentation to family portraits, positioning herself as a comprehensive family photographer.

Spring Branch in Comal County

about Spring Branch

Spring Branch, located in Comal County, Texas, is a rapidly developing region that displays a unique blend of history and modern lifestyle. Historically significant, it was founded in the mid-19th century by German immigrants. Its name was derived from a spring fed creek that later formed the Guadalupe River. A standout landmark is the Faithville Park, exhibiting picturesque landscapes while offering potential exploration to the outdoor enthusiasts. Here, visitors can relish various recreational activities like hiking, fishing, camping and horseback riding. Verdant golf courses, such as River Crossing Club, are popular spots among its inhabitants and tourists alike. Yet, it doesn’t lose its small-town charm with spots such as Los Dos Vaqueros, a cozy restaurant dishing out popular Tex-Mex cuisines, often stealing the show. Indeed, Spring Branch invites one and all to revel in its vibrant culture, rich history, and spectacular natural delights.


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