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Jenn Brookover Photography, based in San Antonio, Texas, specializes in custom newborn, maternity, and family photography created in the comfort of your own home. Parents in Selma, {location(county), can avail of this exceptional service seamlessly. Jenn Brookover captures these precious moments with a professional and personal touch, creating stunning, emotional, and timeless images. The convenience of having these memorable life events photographed at your home adds a unique and intimate dimension to these moments. Make the memories of these special times with your loved ones more vivid and heartwarming with Jenn Brookover Photography.

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Selma Maternity Photographer

Discover the magic of moments with Jenn Brookover Photography. Based in San Antonio, Jenn specializes in creating memorable, custom photography, right in the comfort of your own home. Offering her services to expectant mothers in Selma, Bexar, and Guadalupe Counties, Jenn’s keen eye for capturing poignant memories can make your maternity photoshoot an exceptional experience. Her attention to detail and commitment to personalized service ensures a seamless and joyful journey. Trust Jenn Brookover Photography to commemorate this beautiful stage of your life with authenticity and artistry.

Selma Newborn Photographer

Juniper - Day 12

Capture the beauty and magic of your newborn’s first moments with Jenn Brookover Photography. Based in San Antonio, Jenn specializes in providing custom, in-home photography to parents in Selma, Bexar, and Guadalupe Counties. She understands the preciousness of life’s fleeting moments and is dedicated to helping you immortalize them. With her defined style, creative vision, and commitment to comfort, your photoshoot will transform your cherished memories into tangible works of art. Trust Jenn Brookover Photography to capture the essence of your newborn’s innocence and the profound love within your home.

Selma Baby Photographer

A baby sitting on the grass in front of a tree.

Capture your baby’s milestones with Jenn Brookover Photography, based in San Antonio. Offering custom photography services right in your home, Jenn brings her artistic vision and expertise to parents in Selma, Bexar, and Guadalupe Counties. Her passion and talent shine through in every image, ensuring a timeless keepsake of your baby’s special moments. Don’t let these fleeting milestones pass you by; preserve them in vibrant, expressive photos with Jenn Brookover Photography. Contact her today to schedule a uniquely personal photoshoot that you’ll treasure forever.

Selma Family Photographer

A family posing for a photo in a park.

Capture your precious family moments with Jenn Brookover Photography. Based in San Antonio, Jenn offers custom in-home photography sessions to parents residing in Selma, Bexar, and Guadalupe Counties. Known for her ability to bring out the unique dynamic of every family, her photo shoots are as individual as you are. Enjoy a relaxed and personalized experience, framed by comfort and familiar surroundings. Choose Jenn Brookover for a family photoshoot that distinctly reflects your family’s bond and character. Cherish these timeless memories through photographs crafted with love and expertise.


About Jenn Brookover Photography


Jenn Brookover, based in San Antonio, Texas, is an accomplished newborn and maternity portrait specialist with almost two decades of experience behind the lens. To date, she has beautifully captured the early memories of more than 1,500 newborns in the comfort of their own homes. Being a mother to four boys, Jenn appreciates the difficulties families face when preparing for a traditional photo shoot, hence, offers the convenience of in-home sessions. Before life as a photographer, Jenn held positions as a sales representative and trainer for Fortune 500 companies. Her exceptional photography skills have earned her industry accolades and her work has been published widely, securing her status as a Master Photographer. Outside of her profession, Jenn is a dedicated parent, fitness enthusiast, and Netflix comedy fan. Offering a range of services, including pregnancy and family portraits, Jenn aims to be the photographer your family returns to as it expands.

Selma in Bexar and Guadalupe Counties

about Selma

Selma is located in the charming state of Texas, cutting across Bexar and Guadalupe Counties. Its history dates back to 1847 when it was a campsite for German immigrants who were traveling to New Braunfels. Today, it is a thriving community most recognized for Retama Park, a famous horse racing venue. Its popular shopping center, the Forum at Olympia Parkway, provides an expansive retail experience, hosting over 100 specialty stores and restaurants. This hub of activity offers a wide range of things to do, from dining at local eateries to shopping and watching live horse racing. For history enthusiasts, the Selma Stage Stop & Visitor Center is a must-see, offering extensive historical displays about the city. Given its increasing popularity and growth, Selma has become a destination for those who love history, shopping and horse racing, making it a vibrant part of Bexar and Guadalupe Counties.


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