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Jenn Brookover Photography, based in San Antonio and servicing Live Oak and its surrounding county, provides bespoke newborn, maternity, and family photography. Jenn specializes in capturing precious moments right in the comfort of your own home. Her service promises the perfect blend of professional results with a deeply personal touch. As a certified professional photographer, Jenn ensures quality work focused on helping you and your family create everlasting memories. Choose Jenn Brookover for extraordinary, intimate, and beautiful photography experiences that chronicle your family’s story right from the start.

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Live Oak Maternity Photographer

Discover the magical artistry of Jenn Brookover Photography based in San Antonio, specifically designed for expectant mothers residing in Live Oak, Bexar County. Embrace the joy and beauty of your pregnancy with a custom, in-home maternity photoshoot carefully tailored to your relaxed comfort. Jenn’s incredible talent captures the glow, excitement, and anticipation of motherhood in stunning, personal detail. Experience the convenience of professional photography right in the comfort of your own home with Jenn Brookover. Celebrate these special moments before they fade, immortalize your journey to motherhood with a keepsake that lasts a lifetime.

Live Oak Newborn Photographer

Juniper - Day 12

Experience the magic of first moments with Jenn Brookover Photography. Based in San Antonio and reaching out to families in Live Oak, Bexar County, Jenn offers beautiful custom photography in the comfort of your own home. With a knack for capturing the delicate and enchanting nuances of newborn babies, Jenn provides a relaxed and personalized experience. Trust this skilled professional to help you preserve those precious memories of your baby’s early days. Choose Jenn Brookover Photography and let your newborn’s first photoshoot reflect the joy, wonder, and love of your growing family.

Live Oak Baby Photographer

A baby sitting on the grass in front of a tree.

Jenn Brookover Photography, prominently based in San Antonio, specialises in custom in-home photography, creating timeless memories for your family. Serving families throughout Live Oak and Bexar County, she focuses on adeptly capturing your baby’s milestone moments. Jenn provides a personal, tailored approach to crafting beautiful, intimate portraits that perfectly encapsulate the magic of each stage. With a keen eye for detail, she captures the joy and wonder of these fleeting moments, providing families a precious keepsake. If you’re considering a milestone photoshoot for your baby, look no further than Jenn Brookover Photography. A picture is worth a thousand words; let Jenn Brookover’s art tell your story.

Live Oak Family Photographer

A family posing for a photo in a park.

Discover Jenn Brookover Photography, San Antonio’s premier in-home custom photography service. Jenn offers personalized sessions tailored to capture your family’s unique personality wherever they are most comfortable. Based in Live Oak, Bexar County, she specializes in creating lasting memories for you to cherish and share with your loved ones. Whether you’re considering a family photoshoot or want to immortalize special moments, consider trusting Jenn’s expert eye and professional approach to create not just photos, but cherished family heirlooms. Choose Jenn Brookover Photography for a truly personal, comfortably convenient, and ultimately exceptional photography experience.


About Jenn Brookover Photography


Jenn Brookover is a highly skilled newborn and maternity portrait specialist based in San Antonio, Texas, providing professional photography services for nearly two decades. She has effectively portrayed the joyous early moments of over 1,500 newborns in the comfort of their own homes. Coming from a family of four boys, Jenn can empathize with the challenges families encounter when preparing for conventional photo sessions; hence, she offers the advantage of home-based services. Prior to establishing her photography business, Jenn held roles as a sales representative and trainer for Fortune 500 firms. This award-winning and published Master Photographer holds not just proficiency, but a genuine passion for her craft. Apart from her photography work, she is also a fitness enthusiast and enjoys watching Netflix comedies. With a wide gamut of services, which includes pregnancy documentation to family portrait photography, Jenn Brookover positions herself as the ideal photographer for growing families.

Live Oak in Bexar County

about Live Oak

Located in Bexar County, Texas, Live Oak is a city steeped in a rich history with a characteristically warm southern charm. Founded in 1960, this vibrant city is a blend of rustic charisma and modern-day allure. It boasts of mainstay landmarks like the Main City Park, Norvell Memorial Park, and the Live Oak Softball fields, providing the community plenty of recreational opportunities. Woodcrest Park, featuring disc golf courses, soccer fields, a playground, and picnic areas, proves to be a crowd favorite. The city’s central location makes it easy to explore the Randolph Air Force Base, which underscores its historical significance. Patrons of shopping and dining will relish the entertainment and retail options at The Forum at Olympia Parkway, one of the largest shopping centers in Texas. Beautifully encapsulating past and present, Live Oak offers an amalgamation of history, warm hospitality, and various activities making it a fascinating locale within Bexar County.


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