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        Safety has always been a priority for us during a newborn session!  Here are some of the things I’ve always done and will continue to do for your in-home session:

        • props washed, sanitized and rotated (I have hundreds of different set ups!)
        • lots of hand washing and hand sanitizer throughout your session
        • newly dry cleaned outfit for me that I put on right before I leave my house, I have certain tops I only wear for newborn sessions
        • remove shoes and wear clean non-slip yoga socks (these are my favorite)
        • camera cleaned and sanitized in between clients
        • Reschedule for illness (and ask you to do the same)
        • I am fully vaccinated including DTap and only do one session per day and a few per week

        Now, we’ve added even more precautions which are in line with local COVID-19 recommendations:

        • Mask for me and any adults present who are not being photographed
        • UV light to sanitize headbands and props that can’t be washed
        • Spray all of our equipment in between clients with Lysol (including lighting stands, etc)
        • Reduced amount of touching during family images by using more verbal guiding and pose modeling to increase social distancing

        If you are interested in finding out more about our in-home sessions, be sure to fill out our contact form so we can be in touch.

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