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Newborn Photography at Home in San Antonio, Texas | Through the Years

In 2005 with a camera, a reflector and a lot of hope I started my photography business. I was one of a handful of photographers who even did newborn and maternity session (and one of the only ones in client’s homes). The blankets I used were theirs, backdrops were either their bedding or a cream blanket I bought at Target (there were a few Etsy shops then selling hats and backdrops but not many). Social media was in it’s infancy as well so my clients were all word of mouth and displays (and everyone ordered prints, files weren’t even an option). 1,200+ babies later I can say that, in some ways I’ve changed (thank you lighting and baby wrapping workshops!) but in many I’ve stayed the same. My goal will always be to create beautiful memories of your precious little ones that are artistic yet real, images that will stir your soul and take you right back to those early days.  I want you to have those memories of your baby’s crinkled nose, their expressions, their tiny toes and hands, even their sweet flaky skin.

As I see new photographers come and go I remember those first days, so excited that ANYONE would want me to take their pictures and even more excited that they’d invite me into their home to celebrate the growth of their family with newborn portraits.  Now I have the confidence to truly be able to handle any light, rowdy toddler, fussy baby, crazy pet.  But, without my first clients who truly trusted my unique vision I would never have gotten to that point!

Thank you to all my clients who have stuck by my through the years and have continued to let me be a part of their lives. Love you all!


Babies 5-25 days old, from 2005-2015
Babies 5-25 days old, from 2005-2015

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