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Motherhood Musings from Brooke C | Featured in Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy

As part of the new Motherhood Musings series, Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy Magazine interviewed one of our favorite new mommies about her motherhood experience so far.  Love reading her answers and advice!  I loved getting to know Brooke and her sweet family during their at home newborn photography session. Here is what she had to say:

In your own words, what does motherhood mean to you?
Being a mom is just the absolute best! Your entire life changes the instant they are born and suddenly you cannot even remember what life was like before them or how you ever lived without them.
Tell us about the first days of bringing your baby home, the ups and the downs.
The first few days were tough! Our little one had his days and nights mixed up which made for some very long nights. Yet even through all of the sleepless nights, my heart was filled with so much love and joy for our new little boy that it didn’t even matter.
What are your must have newborn baby items?
-White noise/sound machine -Halo Bassinet (it’s adjustable height feature made it perfect for next to our bed so that he was at my eye level)
-A good baby monitor with camera
-A bouncer (it’s a perfect safe place for baby so mommy can get a quick shower)
-Lots of coffee and a sense of humor
Did you bottle or breastfeed, what is your advice for new mothers?
We bottle fed. My advice is to do what is best for you and your baby. Every situation is different and don’t ever let anyone make you feel inadequate or like you’re a bad mom for your choices (this goes far beyond feeding). At the end of the day fed and loved is best.
How has having a baby changed your relationship?
It has definitely made it stronger and we have an even greater mutual respect for one another. It is such an amazing feeling to see the love of your life holding the newest love of your lives.
What is your most cherished moment with your newborn?
Any moment that I get to hold him and he falls asleep on me is the best. I cherish every baby snuggle!
What most surprised you about motherhood?
How much you can instantly and insanely love someone you just met
What was the hardest part of bringing home a new baby?
For me the hardest part was that my body was still recovering from childbirth and I was in a lot of pain but I wanted to do everything for him. I quickly realized that I could not do it alone and leaned on my husband more than ever. He was amazing!
Has your style changed since becoming a mom?
Definitely being comfortable is the most important! Some days I have time for makeup and others I don’t and that is okay. I also have grown to appreciate dry shampoo and a ball cap when necessary
If you get any “me time”, how do you wind down or spend it?
I enjoy catching up on a few TV programs with my husband and enjoying a glass of wine.
Looking back to your first days of parents, what would you tell yourself?
Don’t push yourself too hard physically during the first week, your body needs time to recover. Remember to lean on those that are offering to help.
How do you manage to keep all of the plates spinning? What helps you juggle motherhood?
I have to write everything down and keep a calendar of important dates/appointments in my phone. I also have found that if I wake up an hour earlier, before the baby wakes up, I can get a lot more accomplished
What is your greatest joy of motherhood?
Seeing my little boy smile and holding him close.
If you could give your child one piece of advice what would it be?
Be your most authentic self.

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