A collage of photos by Jenn Brookover Photography featuring a baby and his mother.
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Home Newborn Portraits – San Antonio Newborn Photographer

At Home- I remember bringing my first little baby boy home from the hospital, thinking that I had to take in every detail of my perfect little creation.  I couldn’t believe that we had made such a beautiful little thing!  I was careful to document every little change and milestone, but would I really remember?  Then the days and nights became one long blur of  feedings, diaper changes, and attempts to sleep.  Of course, the sweet smiles and baby smells made it all worth while!  Now my babies are big and I cherish every image I have of them!  And when you look back at the images, you’ll remember just what your home looked like when you brought that sweet baby in for the first time. Priceless!

Newborn sessions are best held within the first 5-10 days and are much more likely to happen then if we set it up while you are still pregnant.  If you miss that window, don’t worry, I will always make room in my schedule for you!

newborn portraits at home collage by Jenn Brookover

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