Dominion Newborn, Maternity & Family Photographer


Dear Parents in Dominion, we’d love to introduce Jenn Brookover Photography. Based in San Antonio, Jenn Brookover specializes in custom newborn, maternity, and family photography. Creating timeless souvenirs by capturing precious moments, Jenn’s artistry brings the convenience and comfort of professional, in-home photoshoots. She works in the intimacy of your own home to create beautiful portraits that not only reflect your family’s unique personality but also fit seamlessly into your home’s aesthetic. Turn your family’s moments into stunning visual mementos with Jenn Brookover Photography.

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Dominion Maternity Photographer

Experience the joy of a bespoke maternity photoshoot with Jenn Brookover Photography. Based in San Antonio, Jenn specializes in capturing the precious moments of expectant mothers in the comfort of their own homes in Dominion, Bexar County. Her unique approach balances masterful technique with a gentle touch, ensuring each shot reflects the love and warmth of this special time in your life. With her rich experience and exceptional skill, Jenn is the perfect choice for those considering a captivating and personalized maternity photoshoot. Choose Jenn Brookover Photography for timeless memories you’ll cherish forever.

Dominion Newborn Photographer

Juniper - Day 12

If you’re a parent in Dominion, Bexar County looking to capture the precious moments of your newborn baby, Jenn Brookover Photography is your ideal choice. Based in San Antonio, Jenn offers custom photography at the comfort of your home, creating a unique experience tailored to your preferences. Her artistic approach and masterful use of natural light transform ordinary moments into unforgettable memories. Trust Jenn Brookover to photograph your treasured moments with professionalism and passion.

Dominion Baby Photographer

A baby sitting on the grass in front of a tree.

Capture your baby’s precious moments with Jenn Brookover Photography. Based in San Antonio, we specialize in customized photography sessions, right within the comforts of your home. Serving residents of Dominion in Bexar County, we focus on milestone photoshoots, spotlighting the natural beauty and personality of your baby. Our dedication to a personalized, intimate experience ensures not only exceptional photos, but also a session that’s comfortable and convenient for both parents and child. Trust Jenn Brookover Photography to beautifully commemorate the fleeting, invaluable moments of your baby’s growth.

Dominion Family Photographer

A family posing for a photo in a park.

Capture your precious family moments with Jenn Brookover Photography, based in San Antonio, Texas. Jenn offers custom photography directly in your home, specializing in creating beautifully natural photographs that tell your family’s story. Serving parents and families in Dominion, Bexar County, she is renowned for her ability to create a relaxed environment, ensuring each photo embodies genuine emotion and connection. If you’re considering a family photoshoot, trust the artist who aims to make these intimate moments timeless. Choose Jenn Brookover Photography for a personalized, on-location photography experience.


About Jenn Brookover Photography


Jenn Brookover is a highly experienced newborn and maternity portrait specialist located in San Antonio, Texas. With nearly two decades of expertise, she has successfully preserved the cherished early moments of more than 1,500 newborns at the comfort of their own homes. Being a mother to four boys herself, Jenn understands the dilemmas families often encounter in gearing up for a conventional photo session, hence she conveniently approaches her clients. Prior to her prosperous photography career, Jenn utilised her skills in sales and training roles for Fortune 500 companies. Beyond her zeal for her profession, Jenn is an acclaimed and published Master Photographer. When not engrossed in her photography, Jenn enjoys nurturing her fitness, watching Netflix comedies, while regularly attending her sons’ sporting matches. Her wide spectrum of services which extends from recording pregnancies to encapsulating family portraits, positions her as an ideal lifelong family photographer.

Dominion in Bexar County

about Dominion

Dominion is an affluent neighborhood situated in Bexar County, Texas, steeped in local history with many landmarks to explore. Once a part of the expansive Chisholm Trail cattle route, today it stands as a testament to Texan prosperity, home to numerous golfing communities, distinguished residents and a host of luxury amenities enhancing the quality of life. The Dominion Country Club, a key local landmark, features a world-class golf course, tennis courts, and fine dining options. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy the outdoors at the Friedrich Wilderness Park, which offers trails through mature woodlands and exceptional birdwatching opportunities. Additionally, The Shops at La Cantera, an upscale shopping center with a varied collection of both local stores and national retailers, is a popular spot. Overall, Dominion illustrates Bexar County’s growth and transformation, providing a harmonious blend of natural beauty, luxury, and a rich sociocultural experience.


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