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This One’s for the Girls

One of the most interesting things about newborn photography is that it’s not all “50/50” boys/girls.  In fact, it goes in waves.  Sometimes I’ll go for a few weeks with just boys or just girls.  For all newborns, I work with you ahead of time to select colors and textures that complement your home.  For…

Motherhood Musings from Brooke C | Featured in Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy

As part of the new Motherhood Musings series, Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy Magazine interviewed one of our favorite new mommies about her motherhood experience so far.  Love reading her answers and advice!  I loved getting to know Brooke and her sweet family during their at home newborn photography session. Here is what she had to say: In your…

Ten Things Your Newborn Photographer Wants You to Know

Newborn photography is different than other genres of photography in so many ways!  The babies we see are literally DAYS old.  They are so new, so tiny and need special handling and care. The parents, too, are new to all of this!  The parents have also only been “parents” for a few days (or even more…