Thank you for considering me as your photographer!  My name is Jenn Brookover and I am a newborn, maternity and family portrait specialist in San Antonio, Texas. My passion is capturing fleeting memories of expanding bellies, curly newborns and growing families for clients searching for a completely personalized experience.

Sessions are never rushed and are booked based on your due date and finalized once your baby is born.  This allows me to be flexible if your little one decides to make an early appearance.  Newborns are best photographed in the first few weeks so be sure to contact me as soon as you know you want to book a session.  This is not a rule...babies are beautiful at any age (it's never "too late"), but the sleepy/curly poses are most likely to happen at the early stage.  Since we'll be in your home, you'll have no worries about packing baby up, getting out in the elements (cold or hot) or having them exposed to new germs.

My expertise in photographing newborns has led to my detailed attention to the small things (even as minute as a tiny tap of a newborn finger). This, as well as lighting choice, can make the difference between a snapshot and a portrait.  Once you book your session, you'll receive my "secret recipe" for getting baby to relax during the session. This is so important to be able to create peaceful newborn images.  Your baby's safety and comfort are of utmost importance.  I pose them gently and naturally, letting them guide the way.  I also provide tiny hats, headbands, wraps and bowls/baskets that have been custom made and curated from all over the world for even the littlest babies.  Poses and props are always chosen based on a baby's own shape, temperament, coloring and personality - and yes, they do already have their own little personalities!

As a full-service portrait photographer I strive to create distinctive heirloom portraits that you'll cherish forever.  From image capture to inspection of the final print, I work with you to provide a completely custom product.  My clients have found this invaluable and are so excited to receive their beautifully presented portraits.

E-mail or call me and let's make memories together!